Born and raised in Australia and driven by my love of textiles I had an early dream to turn my head to Interior Design. Despite this first fascination, I completed a bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Photomedia. A semester spent studying Islamic Art & Architecture sparked an early passion for the vibrant colors and patterns found in the artistic traditions of far flung cultures. I still clearly remember the feeling of awe the first time I saw the exquisite tile work of the mosques of Isfahan during a visit to the library; their brilliance stays with me until this day. My love of deep rooted cultural aesthetics and artisan skills has been fortified by my travels over the years to astonishing lands such as Turkey, Morocco, India and the Middle East.

After a 10 year detour into photography, a fortuitous trip to India encouraged me to draw on these long held passions and Kushaan was born. I draw my inspiration from global treasures such as antique iznik tiles, exceptional Indian craftmaship and embellishment, heirloom European ceramics or the colours of Morocco and imbue it with my own sensibility.

A core part of our first collection are handwoven ikats and hand embroidered suzanis sourced from Uzbekistan. Kushaan’s ikats are hand loomed using an ancient and complicated technique. Similarly our suzanis tell a story that speaks of the role of the artisan in the culture of central Asia. Our suzanis are hand-drawn then hand embroidered with silk thread on cotton ground resulting in each and every suzani being completely unique.

The contribution of the artisan to a culture’s aesthetic traditions are unsurpassed and in this age of mass-produced manufactured goods, preserving and supporting artisan skills are vital.

My aspiration is to provide an exciting collection of exquisite, high quality and versatile fabrics and cushions. I hope to be a trusted source of unique textiles for designers and home owners alike.

I hope you enjoy our beautiful products made with love and care.

Kate Keenan


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